segunda-feira, 3 de agosto de 2009


Here is a copy of a letter miracle, given this copy to 06 July in the year 1892. The letter fell from heaven at the hands of a priest named Father Nicola Vincent when celebrating the Mass in the Church of St. Peter in Rome. It was only explained by a deaf-mute boy named Angelo, in view of the prodigy His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII decided that was copied to foot the bill. So says the letter in question:

“My children loved and much redeemed with my blood, shed on that Cross for you. If it were not for petitions of my Blessed Mother and the Saints of your devotion, now you have confused in your evil deeds; and warn you that unless you amended and save the parties, especially the Sunday, pass into the penalty and suffer hunger and thirst and not to find anything good. If not do so, the first days of August you will see a sun that causes you fear. I order that you yourselves penance; otherwise, have work and torments. And not yourselves scandals. Do not you remember the souls that you have done wrong; therefore, I command you that orders to the Lord, Creator of all things giving alms (who can) and will not swear on my Holy Name. Do not profane the Sign of the Cross, not resent any; if not do penance for your sins, land is open and you swallow and you blaze alive. I pray you take care of the Blessed Mother, Santa Ana, Santa Catarina and São Domingos de Gusmão, because if it were not for petitions that do for you, had fallen on the ground the radius of my Divine Justice. If someone says that this document is of a man and not God Almighty, is cursed in heaven and on earth; people who took a copy of this letter will be blessed, them and their whole family, of people to another, and on the court will be forgiven of your sins and put my right and I find joy. What discard this letter will be cursed the sky and the earth and experience the rigor of God Almighty, and the person of his property to give some alms to translate this letter to all peoples will be blessed in heaven and earth. I command you to help the poor and those who are needy. Love your neighbor and especially to God Almighty with all my heart; and if they do not do, the curse of God for you and will have war, plague, and disaster work. Shall recall the memory five times a year this letter, you are forced to save with all the devotion, affection and loyalty. Give it here a copy of that request and to store and publish will not work until the big day of the court. The Christian who copy and distribute the blessed will of God; and although sins, which do not allow their entry to heaven, will be forgiven. Among other virtues, the point is that it puts on a woman who is in labor, parirá with ease, for whose benefit will be required to pray three Hail Marys in honor and glory of my Holy Mother, Conception of the Virgin and conceived in grace and without original sin.”

With ecclesiastical approval.

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